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Recruitment information

Type Of Talent
We aim to become talented people who constantly pioneer themselves with self-improvement and change themselves completely.
I aim to be a talented person who differentiates me, is curious about everything, and makes imagination practical with positive thoughts and ideas.
We aim for talented people who can face difficult environments and challenges head-on.
Four major insurances
Four major insurancesLegal four major insurances
Group insurance
Group insuranceSupport for personal injury and death
Support for congratulations and condolences
Support for congratulations and condolencesGreeting leave and payment of Greeting allowances
Get-together Support
Get-together SupportDepartment Get-together Support
Clothes Payment
Clothes PaymentSpring, Winter Clothes Payment
Conducting a medical examination
Conducting a medical examinationMedical institutions conduct regular medical examinations every year.
An educational system
An educational systemEducational training necessary for the improvement of individuals' qualities, development of abilities, and performance of duties.
Recruitment information
Accept applications
Document Screening Announcement Of Successful Applicants
Working-Level & Personnel Interviews
Announcement Of The Final Successful Candidates
STEP 1Accept applications
  • Download applications from our homepage
  • Reception Desk : genadsys@genadsys.co.kr
  • We will not return any documents submitted.
STEP 2Document Screening Announcement Of Successful Applicants
  • We contact you individually only for those who passed the document screening process.
STEP 3Working-Level & Personnel Interviews
  • Only those who pass the document screening process will proceed with practical and personnel interviews.
STEP 4Document Screening Announcement Of Successful Applicants
  • The final successful candidate should prepare the job application documents and go to work on the day of the job designation.
  • If the contents of the job application are found to be false, you can pass and cancel the job application.
  • Please contact the HR manager for more information.
  • Contact for Inquiries : Management Team (☎+82-31-465-2233)   /   email e-mail : incruit@genadsys.co.kr
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