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Standalone photovoltaic system
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Standalone photovoltaic system

A new renewable power generation system that can store and supply electricity so that independent monitoring/control equipment can be operated without grid power with the power generated from the solar energy source.
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System Features
- Power generated as by a solar energy source independently from the power grid is stored and supplied to the equipment.
- Stability of the power supply system through temperature management by applying a 100% passive cooling system at battery room.
- IP65 grade which can protect dust and water.
- Minimize maintenance by being designed to be installed in harsh environment where grid power is not available, such as deserts, mountains, and remote areas.

System Diagram




System Specifications

                      Content                                                                   Spec
The temperature of the user. - - 20℃ ~ +55℃
Sealed level - IP65
Size - Option
Charge Controller - MPPT-Solar-Charge-Controller (Capacity depends on PV Array method and quantity.)
UPS Sizing in consideration of the temperature characteristics an d battery characteristics a nd capacity of the installation area
Battery 1. Operating capacity, battery type: set according to field conditions and the design of the amount of power to be supplied to equipment.
2. Cycle life: 10,000 cycles or more.
3. Cooling method : 100% Passive Cooling System.

Expected Effects and Applications
- Stable power supply to oil pipelines and relay stations in places where power systems cannot reach, such as deserts, mountains, and remote areas.
- Electricity can be generated from renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power and operated independently.
- Battery heat cooling with a 100% passive cooling system compared to an active cooling system.
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