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Power Facility Preventive Diagnostic System

In order to prevent accidents in advance, a system that uses scientific sensors to determine abnormal symptoms and presents causes and countermeasures to prevent accidents.

Power Facility Preventive Diagnostic System
  • Subtation total diagnostic system
  • On-line partial discharge diagnostic system for underground cable
  • DGA for Oil Immersed TR
  • Mold Transformer and Switchger Panel diagnostic device
  • IoT Based Diagnostic Device : Switchgear Panel / lightning arrestor leakage current / radio temperature / partial discharge monitoring diagnostic device
  • Deteriorated Diagnostic Monitoring System / Rotatormonitoring based on IoT / Vibration & Tilt measuring device
Remote Monitoring & Control Management System

Solutions for remote monitoring and control as well as system automation based on specialized software and hardware technologies.

Remote Monitoring & Control Management System
  • Integrated Power Facility Control System (SCADA System)
  • Digital substation operation system
  • SCADA Multifunction Remote Device Terminal Unit (RTU)
  • Intensive Surveillance Control Panel (154kV, 345kV, 765kV)
  • Smart Power Supply System
  • Underground Power Tunnel Operating System based on IEC 61850
  • Unmanned Substation Asset Management System
  • Water Management Automation System(TM/TC)
Smart power facility asset management system

Solutions that combine product, service and operational systems to provide systematic management services (consulting, monitoring, diagnosing, short- and medium-term maintenance) throughout the life cycle of the facility asset.

Smart power facility asset management system
Renewable Energy

Based on the differentiated passive cooling system ESS, which does not use power and can be completely sealed and cooled, it is installed in areas requiring safety, such as pipeline pipelines, and in remote areas such as deserts and mountains

Renewable Energy
  • Compact All-in-One ESS
  • 20ft Standard All-in-One ESS
  • Standalone photovoltaic system
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