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20ft Stand All-In-One ESS
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20ft Stand All-In-One ESS

It stores power generated from renewable energy sources such as solar and wind and maximizes the function of the passive cooling system with energy storage that supplies power to consumers and transmits it to the electric system if necessary, allowing completely sealed cooling with ultra-low power compared to existing air conditioners.
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System Features
- It can store and transmit power generated from power systems and new and renewable energy sources in various ways.
- Minimize temperature management power consumption by applying the 1st passive cooling system → 2nd Heat Exchanger → 3rd Air Conditioner's three-stage superpower saving battery room cooling system.
- It's an IP65-grade airtight type that completely blocks dust and moisture from the outside.
- 20ft ISO standard type can be extended by 40ft.
System Diagram



System Specifications
                      Content                                                       Spec.
 Round Trip Efficiency  - 80% PCS rated [battery Effciency 90%] 
 The temperature of the user.  - -20℃ ~ +40℃
 Sealed level.  - IP65
 PMS  - Protocol : DNP, Modbus, IEC61850(Server) (Option)
 - Communication Port 
   1) Ethernet : 3 Port (100BASE-T 3 Port)
                    100BASE-F (Multi) 1 Poert Optino
   2) RS-232C / RF-485 : 2 Port
   3) Wireless Communication (Option) : LTE, GSM
 - I/O Port : 12 DI / 400 / 4AI
 - Operation Temperature : -20℃ ~ +65℃
 PCS - Rated output voltage : 100kW: 3phase, 380V [+10°C / -10%]
- Cooling method : Natural air conditioning type, forced air cooling type
- Communication with high-level devices : RS-485 Modbus
- Certificate : SPS-SGSF-025-4-1972
   Standard testing institution certification
 Battery - Operable Capacity : 278kWh
- Battery type: Lithium series
- Cycle life : 4,000cycle, 25±5℃
- Cooling Method : Intelligent SuperPower Saving Air Conditioning System
Expected Effects and Applications
- Supply of stored power when the consumer's power consumption increases rapidly after receiving KEPCO power during the light load at night.
- It can store power found from new and renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power and transmit it to KEPCO if necessary, which can be used in various ways.
- Compared to the active cooling system, which relied only on-air conditioners, it can cool the heat of power equipment with ultra-low power.
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