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Compact All-In-One ESS
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Compact All-In-One ESS

As an outdoor All-In-One ESS, the battery life is maximized by providing an optimal environment for a battery room through a three-step ultra-power saving cooling system by passive & active air conditioning solution.
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System Features
  • The PCS and the battery are designed in a compact structure that is integrated with an outdoor unit installed in a single enclosure, making it easy to install an d move.
  • 1st Passive Cooling → 2nd Heat Exchanger → 3 stage ofPower Saving Battery Room Cooling System
  • Apply PCM (Phase Changer Material) to radiate internal heat to the outside with no power.
  • A heat exchanger with 1/4 power consumption than that of the air conditioner is applied, so the operation of the air conditioner is reset in the season when the daily temperature difference is large.
System Diagram
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